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Customized Sessions

Very personalized.  Impressive details about what you like, what you are good at and what makes you proud, to apply these things to your personal growth desires


Deep soundscapes to make you feel like you are "really there."  Release all the old patterns & habits of limitation and expand your personal success into any area of your life, that you choose

Affordable Rates

Per session (2-2.5 hours) $145

Package of three sessions  $400

Initial session includes an extra (free of charge) 45 minutes of intake & discussion about your needs .                      

this is for you!!

Because everyone deserves to feel groovy in as many ways as possible

You are already perfect.  Let's help you to know it, a little more.

Almost all things sought for in hypnotherapy, are about confidence; sports, wellness, weight, anxiety, health, wealth and happiness.  How we feel we deserve these things or how we align with patterns in the past, is what gives us our results in life.  Let's work together to improve your confidence and build great patterns of success into your goals.

Flower power = Positive thoughts

Positive Thought Patterns

Most of people's "Hang-Ups" are related to getting stuck in patterns.  Patterns of limited success and patterns of limited failure keeps us doing the same things, like on autopilot.  Let's expand your thought patterns with creative visualizations and and soundscapes that make sense to you.  We will build on what you enjoy (or used to enjoy) to creatively speak to you SUBCONSCIOUS in a way that makes sense to YOU... to invite subconscious change... to match what your conscious mind would like.  Even if you are not a visual person, we can use language of... "Imagine how it feels to move into a place of ..." and we will create the experience, just for you!
Weight Loss

Food & Exercise

Most people do 3 sessions to change their food desires and habits.  After 6 months or a year or sometimes even a few years, people tend to have changes that need tweaking and will do another session or another package of three to improve on the new changes.  Begin loving who you are now as you move into loving the changes you begin to see, and appreciate.


Increase Quality

Temporary sleep challenges often can be overcome in one session.  Long term sleep challenges may require building a new pattern with 3 sessions. 

If sleep aid dependancy has become a secondary issue, we might need more sessions to target the dependancy to allow the mind to begin to take back control of sleep cycles.

Study & Concentration

Adults or Kids

Focus on school, work skills, business, creativity, productivity, sales, leadership, driving skills, confidence with authority, or whatever it is that helps you to be more engaged in the learning and growth aspects of life.  Hypnotherapy can help you to pay attention to the things that need attending in the moment, while allowing the other thoughts of the day, their attention in their own time.  


Old Trauma or Recent

The mind often gets locked into a feeling loop that gets triggered, sometimes seemingly without reason.  The subconscious is not well-known to the conscious mind.  I can help you to communicate with your subconscious mind to teach it, how to let go of attachments to the old patterns and look forward to building new patterns of feeling safe when it really is safe to feel safe. Most fear is simply the imagination of fear, based on something that happened a long time ago.  Why not use imagination in a way that imagines... empowerment and safety?

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Flexible Days and Times

Because my time zone may be different than yours, we will figure something out that works for both of us.  I am also available most weekends for working 9-5 people who don't live the freestyle hippie-life of leisure and flexibility.  It's all cool man!  We'll get it together!

Online wherever you are


Days and times are flexible to meet the needs of different time zones